The Top Bar can contain a previously created Menu, social icons, or either of these can be replaced with plain text/html.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customise to open the Customiser.
  2. Navigate to Theme Options > Top Bar in the Customiser navigation.
    • Enable Top Bar turns the top bar area on and off completely.
    • Sticky Top Bar keeps the Top Bar in place regardless of how far down a page a visitor has scrolled.
    • Enable Top Bar menu lets you use any WordPress menu in the top bar, learn how to assign a menu to the Top Bar.
    • Top Bar Menu Alternative lets you add text/html in place of the Top Mar Menu if unchecked.
    • Enable Top Bar Social adds social icon links, set up your Social Profiles by visiting Theme Options > Social Profiles in the Customiser navigation.
    • Enable Top Bar Social Alternative or if Top Bar Social is unchecked you can add text/html instead using the Top Bar Social Alternative box.
  3. Click the Publish button to save your choices.

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